Wizards Witches and Wands Info Page

About the Event:

The Wizards, Witches and Wands event in Mullica Hill is a Main Street wide festival.   The event will span from St. Stephen’s Church up to Old Town Hall on South Main Street.   The event will feature numerous venues as well as vendors (crafts, food, products, face painting, etc.).   We will also be hosting a Quidditch Tournament at the Friend’s School.  There are a mix of open venues and venues that will require a band for admittance.    Your band donation will allow you to attend all banded events as well as the open venues, Photo Ops, Vendor, and Crafting Areas.  The band sales will be limited and we do not plan to sell bands on the day of the event.   Wrist Bands can be purchased on TicketLeap:  Click Here

Note on recent developments regarding the use of Harry Potter Copyrighted materials:

As many of you are aware, Warner Brothers and JK Rowling have issued cease and desist orders to many of the large Harry Potter themed events across the United States.   Our event has, from its inception, sought to celebrate the magical concepts and themes of many of great movies and TV shows.   As such, we are not using any copyrighted names etc. in our program of events, but we expect that you will find our venues creative and engaging and that they will be familiar to you in many ways.


Venue* B= Banded, O=Open, OB= Open (Banded participation) Brief Description
Broom Making O$ – 7.50 Cost Make Brooms from branches and straw
Costume Contest Kids B Magic themed costume contest.
Divination Class B Divination classroom presentation
Mullica Hill School of Magic Grand Hall / Sorting B Main Hall Sorting of Students into various Dormatory organizations at the Mullica Hill School of Magic
Quidditch Lessons B Lessons off the fields for Banded Students
Potions Classes B Spells and potions class
Wand Selection Event B Small room houses “shelves” of boxed wands… Several participants are given wants to test out…. Various effects ensue
Magic Penitentiary O Prison Cells darkened Room, Blinking lights, sound effects
Owlry O Cages with Owls and a cool owl carving
Pass Ron’s Rat (Hot Potato) O Standard Hot Potato theme – with Ron’s Rat
Quidditch Tournament O Tournament at Friends School Fields
Reception O Check-in and any details to hand out
Scavenger Hunt O A list of 18-20+ items or scenes are dispersed throughout town. A few winning entries drawn at the end of the day for Prizes
Tribute Space/Magic Museum O A walk through homage to Magic Themed TV Shows and Movies with various factoid displays etc.
Welcome and Craft Area O Crafting and vendor area in parking lot of 31/33 S. Main
Wizard Chess O Wizard Chess game called by dueling Wizards
Wand Making O$ -$4.00 Wand making Experience
Dark Magic Defense OB Students are taught spells to protect themselves
Mysterious Magic Trivia OB Magic Themed Trivia Game with Small Prizes (3-4 People per Team, 5 teams at a time)
Mandrake Planting OB Mandrake Repotting Session
Bubbling Cauldron O Food and Drink area
Elf Clothing Donation O Sock/Clothing donation Box
Galleons Reserve Bank O Framers Entry Way serves as a bank with character behind desk
Cherry Dukes O Snacks and faire in the magical tradition
Movies in the Field O Showings of various magic themed Movies
Vendor Craft Areas O Vendors and Misc Food/Beverage

*The venues and descriptions are subject to change.